5 essential pillars for your cat’s wellness


Do you know on what depends your cat’s wellness?

Why and how does he reacts to changes?

Do  you know why your cat might be not drinking so much water?

Cat’s wellness depend on some aspects that you might not know or never even thought about it.

Having a cat involves getting to know the spirit of a feline and even thinking like one. 🙂 So before introducing something new do assure that your cat is a happy one at your place!

Domestic cats descend from wild cats that lived independently outdoors. They are animals of routines, in the wild they are predators but also preys, so they repeat routines everyday as life saving procedures. So at our homes if  they are prevented from doing any of their routines, it can occur a severe disturbance for them and create a change of their behaviour and wellness. It means one of their safety pillars has been disrespected. Beaware of the changes you make and how you make them, they will be very sensitive.

The essential pillars:

When you bring a cat to live with you , you share your house with a very territorial animal who will recognize his world ( house, objects, food, people, …) by its smell not by their colours or shapes or any other characteristic).

Usually he tends to mark his stuff spreading feronoms. When he rubbs his head on our furniture, doors, ourselves, scratchers, he means “This is mine. I’ll put there my smell here so I know I like it and it’s safe”. His paws also release feromons on his blanket or bed or scratcher with the same messages. So imagine what can happen if the safe environment is changed suddenly with new or strong odors of a new cat for instance.

1º pillar: – Maintain his smell allthroughout his environment ( avoid scents and perfumes).

Cats adapt to live in a house but they are not domesticated like a dog, their wild instinct is still there. So they will need places where they can hide or be high so they can feel safe to have a nap. They can hide under a bed, or inside a box or behind the curtains or inside the closet, …. If he hides respect his desire to be quiet and to feel safe for a while.

2º pillar: – Provide safe places where he can hide.

Cats on the outdoors would be running, climbing and do whatever necessary to hunt and catch their preys and eat them. Indoors they need to do the same. How do you replicate their life style indoors?

Try to discover your cat’s own way of enjoying playing indoors, he will love to play with you, hide & seek, running, jumping, …  Playing it will make a considerable difference on his mental health. Inanimated toys are preys already dead, so it’s not interesting anymore. 😉 That’s why you can say “my cat doesn’t play” but it will be hard to find a cat that doesn’t like to play…

3º pillar: – Provide opportunities to play, hunt and develop his predatory skills with interactive toys .

In nature cats catch their preys wherever they are and if they need they’ll  go to a different place to drink fresh clean running water. They will choose a completely different place to urinate and defecate and to rest and strecht. How are you managing your cat’s resources? No cat’s corner is advisable, not even for food and water.

4º pillar: – Place the diverse resources in different quiet places of the house and according to the number of cats you have at least or plus one (preferable).

Cats have been allthroughout the centuries getting closer to people and developing their interest in us humans. Many people say they choose us as their caregivers and so if you have been choosen to share your life with a cat, understand that he will be expecting to spend time with you.

So if you want your cat to be happy and friendly try to spend more and more time with him and play at least for 10 minutes twice a day. The more you’ll give the more you’ll receive. Some cats will like to be with you more than others. Some will like to get closer than others, but they will always depend on how much you can understand their gestures and needs. =^.^=

5º pillar: – Interaction with human beings.

If you need to verify if the 5 essential wellness pillars are working for your cat or any advice on how to organize and enrich your new cat’s environment, please do contact me. Consultations for this issue cost around 25€ plus transport fee if needed.

Grateful for your attention. =^.^=

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