Cat sitting : How does it work?

Going on vacation or have to be away for a few days?

Will you have repairments at your place?

You need someone to take care of your cat ?

Cat sitting, why?

Cats are territorial animals, so by principle your cat should stay home in your absence. But there can be situations where we evaluate that your cats stay better with us.

Ask for a quote to your measure, indicate how many cats do you have, how many days do you need and what mode you choose (at your home or in my place). Please call me + 351 917 055 346 every day from 9:30 am to 9:00 pm or send me an email to or

Here is Cat sitting Os gatos também sonham service, step by step:

1. Initial meeting:

Please contact me to schedule a free initial meeting at my place or in the house where the cat / the cat inhabits. It will take 45 minutes / 1 hour approximately.

The main aims of this first moment is for the owner: 1- to feel confortable with my house visit during the absent days; 2- To get to know me better 3-To share all the important aspects of the habits and your pet’s health.  This procedure will allow me to develop a quality work during the owner absence and also answer any questions the owner may have about my work and service. Thus gives the animal the opportunity to get pre-acquainted with the cat sitter and my home space.

Fill in the fields below:

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2. Cat sitting Os gatos também sonham service:

• I give water and food (supplied by the owner / guardian) *
• I Clean and mantain the litter box (sand is provided by the owner /guardian) *
• I make company to the animal
• I play with your pet(s) using their favorite toys
• I keep the house clean and tidy in case of any incident that the cat(s) may have originated
• I give daily feedback with photographs and videos by email or sms.
• I take the cat to the vet in case of a health emergency


In the case of the animal is on any medication, the owner must bring the original prescription from the Veterinary.

Any recent illness or chronic disease of the animal should be communicated previously to the entry.

The animal must carry vaccination record to date and be dewormed both internal and externally.

At my place I don’t have any other animals and I only have cat(s) of the same owner at a time.

Get to know the experience of some previous clients with me:


* If needed I can provide food and sand and all that’s needed for the cat(s) stay. Personalised budget is organised accordingly to the case.

4. Prices without sand or food:

• Free initial visit.
• Amount per night at my place: Cat sitting: Per day : €9/1 cat and € 10/ up to 2 cats, Weekend – 3 days: 30 €, A week – 7 days: 70 €
• At your home: 1 hour / up to 3 cat: 10 €. Weekend – 3 days: 30 €. One week – seven days: 69 €.
• No transport fees added for Carcavelos, Parede, São Domingos de Rana, Oeiras and Paço d’ Arcos.
• For the remaining locations of Cascais, Oeiras and Sintra Municipalities, on a 12 km range from Carcavelos, the value is 5 € / visit (round trip). Longer distances can be calculated accordingly to 0,30€/ km.
Ask for a quote to your measure, indicate how many cats do you have, how many days do you need and what mode do you choose (at your home -location or my place). Please call me +351 917 055 346 every day from 9.30 am to 9:00 pm or send me an email to:

Regular clients have discounts.

Other situations:

  • Basic visit of 30 minutes: 6€
  • Special visit of 90 minutes: 12€
  • Exact hour visit: visit price + 2,5€
  • Visits twice a day: visit price + 5€
  • Emergency reservations for the same day or next day add 5€ to the total service.
  • Each session of behavioural consultation – 1 hour – 25€Vet appointments are available for Oeiras and Cascais Districts and include picking up, going to the vet and return home) – Duration 2 hours 20€. Displacement larger than 12 km and until 24km adds 5€
  • Each Environmental Enrichment consultation- 1 hour : 25€

5. References

References are given by those who have already experienced the services. See the Testimonials section and the comments bellow.

6 – Reservations
Reservations are made by phone or email through filling in the Pet Record, presentation of the cat documentation and the ID presentation of the owner. Reservations must be made one week in advance or before, so it can be guaranteed the availability of my place. Or three days before if the service is provided at the cat’s home.
Confidentially is kept on the cat’s origin and all data collected related to the cat owners / guardians.

I am at your disposal to answer any questions you may have regarding the service at Cat sitting Os gatos também sonham.

Get to know me better

Get the latest news and articles about the behavior of domestic cats here. (in portuguese at the moment)

Grateful for your attention.




4 Comentários
  • Adele Dinis Janeiro 16, 2017 10:04 pm

    Ana looked after our Zorro and Gigi for two weeks while we were in South Africa. She was absolutely amazing, sending videos and updates everyday. She gave us excellent advice on nutrition and behaviour training and we will definitely be using Ana in the future. She is a life saver and a CatWhisperer of note!

  • Andrew Agosto 26, 2016 6:39 pm

    Amazing catsitter. We could see how happy the cat was on the videos that Ana sent us and it was a nice treat for us at the end of the day to see the videos 🙂
    She also gave us great advice about nutrition.
    She did such a good job we thought the cat would be fed up when we returned and wouldwant to stay with Ana! Fantastic. She’s definitely our catsitter from now on.

  • Emi Maio 21, 2016 8:58 pm

    We used the services of Ana for 12 days. It is the 1st time we ever ask a cat sitter to take care of our 2 cats and that has been a fantastic experience for both us and them.
    Daily report on how are the cats including videos and pictures!
    Ana truly loves cats and she provides a very professional service. Obrigada Ana!!

  • William Abril 16, 2016 11:05 am

    If you truly care about your cat and you want them to be looked after and pampered, then Ana is the cat-sitter you’re looking for! Very reasonable prices and great daily communication, both before and during your Cat’s stay with her (in English if needed). Our cat is very nervous but after only one day was clearly quite comfortable in Ana’s home. While we were away we had no doubt that he was in good care. Highly recommended.

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