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Cat sitter is someone who takes care of cats owned by other persons, for different periods of time, at her own place or at the owner’s home. In addition to the essential care, as a caregiver I share with the owners my knowledge of feline behavior and my  immense esteem and love in caring for these animals.

Here’s all the information about the Cat Sitting service

Please have a view on the  vídeos of some former cat sitting services.

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Here is in first person how it all started:

“I’ve always loved cats, since I can remember I admire their beauty, I love to cuddle them and love the challenge of getting closer to more independent or distant cats.
This connection to cats might have started with a street cat named Fanny who lived on my neighborhood when I was a child. Throughout my childhood Fanny became pregnant many times, during those times many children were playing in the street and would create a house for her, it could be a cardboard box or an old trunk or a fruit pallet and there we´d put some old blankets and rags for her and her kittens to stay warm.

We’d usually choose one corner of our street next to a building and watched carefully all the steps of her pregancy. When born, these kittens seemed like little mice. I don’t remember what happened to them when they became older, but I know that Fanny lived happily many years with us in our neighborhood. I remember bringing home several baby kittens to try to convince my parents to adopt one, but I never had such luck.

I admired very much this half white half tiger cat, very friendly which gave me such a wonderful experience cuddling and taking care of her. We all fed her with scraps of food we had. I remember sometimes I’d stole a little bit of milk or cheese to give her. She was a very brave and sweet cat.

My love for cats …

When I was going on holidays to visit my aunt who always had cats in a small village of Góis, I longed to get there so I soon could be near her cats and interact with them.

All my life wherever I’d go I was catch up by the cats on the streets.  Cats always caught my attention and I think I caught theirs, because many of them came to me in an effortless way. And even today is like that. I love to meet each one of them and I’m never tired of cuddling them and admire their ability to live in the present moment, to communicate with humans and adapt to every situation.

When I moved into my own house,  friends who were cat owners would ask me to look after their animals and that’s how it all started after a few years I decide to open this service to other cat owners.


cat sitting - cat sitter

The professional path

My professional path was made as an educational trainer and manager of projects in the cultural, social and education fields. Since 2008 I embraced the personal development field, and in 2015 I decided to embrace my childhood gift and became a cat sitter. As a child I recall saying I wanted to became a veterinary, but the professional path took me somewhere else, for making me return to this childhood passion all these years later so I could recognize the imense apreciation I have for these animals and make me finally work with them full time as a cat sitter.

After almost 3 years I have a group of regular clients who can refer my service . (In portuguese and bellow in english)

Recently I’ve participated in “The practical guide for a natural animal” from DVET – Margarida Raposo and “”The seven cat sins- the not to do’s to a cat” by “Instituto do Animal” and “Feline Master Classes” by Hospital do Gato.

Here’s all the information about the Cat Sitting service

Please have a look on the vídeos of some former cat sitting services.

Get the latest news and articles about feline behavior here. (for the moment only in portuguese)

I’ll be very glad to take care of your cat.


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